Below are some results that Siddharth has obtained for his clients*:


  • Over $1,000,000 - Race Discrimination and Wrongful Termination

  • Over $400,000 - Race Discrimination and Wrongful Demotion

  • Over $400,000 - Race & Gender Discrimination and Wrongful Demotion

  • $250,000 - Age Discrimination and Wrongful Demotion

  • Over $200,000 – Race Discrimination and Wrongful Demotion

  • $150,000 - Failure to Accommodate Minor Child's Disability and Wrongful Termination

  • Approx. $100,000 - Disability Discrimination

  • Approx. $100,000 - Disability Discrimination/Failure to Engage in Good Faith Interactive Process



* These are just a small sample of results obtained by Jhans Law.  Please note that these prior results are not a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter as the facts and circumstances of every employee's case are different.  

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