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Jhans Law - Fighting for Employees in California 


You work very hard at your job and give it your all.  The least you deserve is to be treated fairly.  


Jhans Law represents employees all over California, including in the Bay Area, the Central Valley, the Sacramento Area, the Los Angeles Area, and the San Diego Area who have suffered when their employer has treated them unfairly and unlawfully.  Jhans Law founder Siddharth Jhans is a dedicated and experienced lawyer for those who have been treated unlawfully by their employers and will fight hard to ensure that your rights are protected.


If you believe you are or have been the victim of unlawful treatment by your employer or your former employer, protect your rights and contact a lawyer right away as there time limits in which an employee who has been unfairly treated may start a lawsuit.  Jhans Law provides free consultations and case evaluations to potential clients. Contact Jhans Law now for a free consultation.  


If you think you have been wronged by your employer, please  contact Jhans Law for a free consulation at sid@jhanslaw.com or (415) 994-2653.


Jhans Law represents employees throughout California including in the Bay Area, the Central Valley, the Sacramento Area, the Los Angeles Area, and the San Diego Area.

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